QEC- Quality Enhancement Cell

Director's Message

Dr. Rehmat Ullah

Welcome to the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in education and the continuous improvement of our academic and administrative processes. The Quality Enhancement Cell plays a pivotal role in this journey by fostering a culture of quality, innovation, and accountability throughout the institution.

Our primary goal is to enhance the overall quality of education and the student experience. We believe that quality is not a destination but a journey of constant reflection, refinement, and growth. The QEC serves as a catalyst for positive change by promoting a holistic approach to quality enhancement that encompasses every facet of our institution. Through a systematic approach to quality assurance and enhancement, we work closely with faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders.

As the Director of the Quality Enhancement Cell, I am honored to lead a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about raising the bar of excellence at Balochistan Agriculture College, Quetta. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all our endeavors and to fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Best regards


The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at Balochistan Agriculture College Quetta was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting and ensuring quality in all aspects of education and research at the college. The QEC is responsible for developing and implementing quality assurance mechanisms, monitoring and evaluating the quality of education and training, and providing support to faculty and staff in their efforts to improve quality. The QEC is committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure that Balochistan Agriculture College Quetta remains a leading institution of higher education in Pakistan.”

Here are some of the specific activities that the QEC will undertake:

  • Develop and implement a quality assurance framework for the college’s education and training programs.
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of education and training on a regular basis.
  • Provide support to faculty and staff in their efforts to improve quality.
  • Promote quality culture within the college.
  • Collaborate with other institutions and organizations to share best practices in quality assurance.

The establishment of the QEC is a significant step towards ensuring quality in all aspects of Balochistan Agriculture College Quetta’s education and training programs. 


To become a pioneering center of quality enhancement in the education sector, setting benchmarks for best practices, innovation, and transformative change. We envision a future where our institute is globally recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality assurance, continuous improvement, and holistic development. Through our efforts, we aspire to contribute significantly to the advancement of education and research.


To foster a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and excellence in all aspects of education, research, and administrative processes within the BAC. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality, promoting a learner-centered environment, and nurturing a holistic development of students, faculty, and staff. Through strategic collaboration and rigorous assessment, we aim to elevate our institution’s reputation on a national and international level, making a lasting impact on society.


To collaborate with academic departments to design, implement, and assess effective curricula, teaching methodologies, and learning outcomes that meet national and international quality standards.

To foster a research-friendly environment by providing support for faculty research initiatives, ensuring ethical practices, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration for impactful contributions to knowledge.

To Establish a robust framework for continuous assessment, self-evaluation, and quality enhancement through regular program reviews, stakeholder feedback, and data-driven decision-making.

 To organize workshops, seminars, and training programs for faculty and staff to continuously upgrade their skills, fostering a culture of lifelong learning and professional growth.

 To create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that prioritizes the holistic development of students, catering to their academic, personal, and career needs.

 To work towards achieving and maintaining relevant national and international accreditations.

To eradicate cut/copy paste culture and any act of dishonesty in academic work from the college, in order to inculcate creative thinking.